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This whole boycotting Black Friday thing seems really stupid to me…

First off let me state that this post is just my opinion and as I am entitled to it you are entitled to your own. I don’t really get this whole boycott thing the main motto is everyone should have a holiday, but what about the nurses, doctors, police officers, fire fighters, emt’s, and others don’t they deserve a holiday as well? They do but you don’t see them bitching and talking about strikes do you? no, because they are going to do the job they signed up for. If you work in retail and are all pissed off about working today shut the hell up you knew what you were getting into when you took the job. I work at a hotel and I work today and Christmas but I’m not complaining about working today because people might need a place to stay tonight. I also remember a couple years ago my uncle had to work on christmas to clear the roads of snow. so just take what this holiday is meant for and be thankful you at least have Christmas off come December some others aren’t as fortunate. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving, and to any international followers have a good Thursday :-)


Saw the voting center as I was driving in town today, so I went ahead and voted early (please go and vote it takes all of 5 mins). The main reason i voted is that
crazy amendment, regardless of your beliefs that amendment is flawed and can be exploited against us just like sopa and pipa politicians need to stop making these vague bills and amendments. But sometimes I really hate the two party system I identify as an independent but of course I have to choose a party, but why should we have to I mean even though I’m a registered democrat I really like most of what Ron Paul is about but of course the two party system forces him to choose a party although he’s more in the middle. So the democrats that agree with him can’t vote for him and that plus the lack of coverage he gets in mainstream media is the main reason independents never have a fair shot.

I’ve never really understood the “friend zone”

I mean seriously you do realize friend is in the words boyfriend and girlfriend right? Why wouldn’t you want your significant other to be one of your best friends.